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Battlestar Galactica online game

Battlestar Galactica online is an awesome free multiplayer space game. Choose to battle as human or robot (cylon) against many real players. There are already 4.7 million gamers registered with Battlestar Galactica online. Discover why the online players have so much fun to battle against each other in this free space adventure game. Battlestar Galactica online requires no game download. You will play directly in your browser, all over the world where you have internet access. Join the science fiction action of Battlestar Galactica online for free now.

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DragonSoul - Free asian PvP MMORPG online game

DragonSoul is a Free-to-play „Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing-Game“ (Shortcut: MMORPG). Steep in the mystical asian world of DragonSoul, be part of thrilling Player versus Player Fights with the innovative Battle Assistant. Use your social skills to even become the king of your nation in Dragon Soul. Choose between Hunter, Warrior, Assassin and Mage as character class, more than 160 character Skills and eight different Kingdoms. Start your role playing journey in DragonSoul online for free now.

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DragonSoul Online Game Fact sheet:

Platform: PC
Publisher: Neonga AG a provider of onlinegames like „A Mystical Land“ and „World of Ants“.
Developer: Giant Interactive
Release date: November 2011
Price: Free 2 Play
Download needed: Yes - Size 593 MB

Runes of Magic - Popular Free-to-Play-MMORPG

Runes of Magic, Free MMORPG

Runes of Magic
Be part of the Runes of Magic Community with already 5 million registered players.
Over 3500 epic quests.
Runes of Magic character classes: Warrior, Mage, Druid, Knight, Priest, Rogue, Scout, Keeper

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Runes of Magic Online Game Fact sheet:

Platform: PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
Publisher: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH
Developer: Runewaker Inc.
Release date: 19.03.2009
Languages: EN, GER, FR, ES, PL
Price: Free 2 Play
Download needed: Yes - Size 4,6 GB or 8,9 GB

Allods Online: Game of Gods - Free Fantasy MMORPG

Allods Online, Free MMORPG

Experience the fantasy mulitplayer role playing adventure of Allods Online. Enhance your characater and fight with and against 3.5 million players worldwide. Build your astral spaceship and discover and raid new space worlds.

Features of the online game Allods Online:

  • » Character can learn trade skills of crafting or gathering
  • » Customisation of character and battleship
  • » Awesome graphics
  • » 6 races, 28 classes, many quests
  • » Ingame mini-games
  • » Social network integration

Allods Online Game Fact sheet:

Platform: PC with Minimum Windows 2000, XP, DirectX 9.0, 64 MB Graphics Card, 512 MB RAM.
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG, Action, Adventure
Publisher: Gala Networks Europe Ltd.
Developer: Astrum Nival / Mail.Ru Games
Release date: Final 16.02.2010 / Game of gods expansion 13.02.2012
Languages: EN, GER, FR
Price: Free 2 Play
Download needed: Yes - 4,8 GB

Goalunited 2011 - Free Online Footballmanager

Goalunited online is a free football-manager browsergame with easy handling. Your target in Goalunited is to lead your newly founded virtual footballclub to glorious football titles and gather fame and glory for your management skills of your club. As the leader of your footballclub you decide about everything from training, transfermarket: which players you buy and sell, the formation for the next footballgame, the football stadium extension, about the development of your football youth, to selection of sponsors and much more. You can play Goalunited 2011 successfully with little expenditure of time already. Compete against 100.000 real players around the world and start your career as a footballmanager in the browsergame Goal united 2011 now!

Goalunited 2011 Footballgame Fact sheet:

Platform: Common Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
Genre: Sports / Footballmanager
Publisher: northworks Software GmbH
Developer: northworks Software GmbH
Release date: 2005 and 2011
Languages: EN, GER, FR, ES, PT, NL, IT, PL, DA, NO, SV, FI, RO, CS, SL,...
Price: Free 2 Play
Download needed: No, Browsergame
Awards: (Goalunited classic) German development prize 2007 and Browsergame of the year 2007 (GamesDynamite). Best graphic art (Galaxy News 2007).

Travian - Award winning onlinegame

Did you know, why you haven't heard anything from your friends at last? The cause is maybe, they had explored the fascinating world of the Travian online game! Be part of this addicting game. Become the leader of your village, build it up, trade with neighbor villages, go to war and enjoy the pride of glory victories. Compete against over 10,000 over real online gamers. Get the fun with the awarded browser game of the year 2006 and join Travian now.

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Play Stone Age Kings

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MiraMagia - Free Magic Gardening online game


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MiraMagia Online Game Fact sheet:

Platform: Browser with Flash
Genre: Gardening simulation game
Publisher: Travian Publishing GmbH
Developer: Bright Future GmbH
Release date: February 2011
Languages: EN, GER, FR, ES, PT, IT, xxx
Price: Free 2 Play
Download needed: No, Browsergame

Desert-Operations - Strategy wargame

Browsergame Desert Operations is a military browsergame.

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11x11 - Free online Footballmanager game

11x11 Footballmanager game (play for free online)

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